Package Contents
Your package should contain the following:
• Ziggi-HD Plus camera unit, including multi-jointed stand.
• Anti-Glare Shield.
• Quick Start Guide (this document).
You may wish to use Ziggi-HD Plus with IPEVO Presenter software. You may
download it at:
1.Double-click the downloaded file and follow the prompts to install Presenter.
Note: By installing the latest version of Presenter, the older version of Presenter on your
computer will be removed or replaced.
2.Connect Ziggi-HD Plus's USB cord to any open USB port on your computer.
3.Launch the Presenter software. A window containing a live video image from
your Ziggi-HD Plus should appear. Ziggi-HD Plus is now ready to use.
Quick Start Guide
Customer Service (International)
Tel: +886-2-5550-8686
Customer Service (USA)
Tel: +1-408-490-3085
Ziggi-HD Plus captures a variety of subjects—including standard letter-sized
documents, three-dimensional objects, devices like smartphones and Apple's iPad,
and even A3-sized documents and larger—and presents a high-definition live video
image through the Presenter software.
Positioning the Ziggi-HD Plus
The multi-jointed, weighted stand allows you to quickly and easily change the
height and position of the camera to suit your subject.
Additionally, the camera head can swivel with 270° of freedom to customize your
1. Focus button: will bring the subject into sharp focus after a few seconds.
2. Autofocus switch: may be set to Single (S) or Continuous (C).
3. Exposure toggle: provides on-the-fly exposure customization.
4. Camera indicator: when the camera is in use with IPEVO Presenter or other
compatible software to provide an image, this will turn white.
5. Microphone: Ziggi-HD Plus comes with a built-in microphone which is located
on the underside of the camera body next to the lens. The microphone is on
when Ziggi-HD Plus is on. This is useful for video conferencing and more.
USB Document Camera
The Basics
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By default, Ziggi-HD Plus's automatic exposure attempts to present an optimal
exposure of medium brightness. If the subject is too dark or too bright, manually
change exposure by using the Exposure toggle, either on the camera head itself
or via the "AE" Exposure pulldown menu in Presenter. 1 is maximum darkening;
15 is maximum brightening.
If you are experiencing unwanted glare in the image, consider using the
Anti-Glare Shield. Slip the Anti-Glare Shield into the underside of the camera
head by aligning the grooves.
You can take snapshots as well as record video of the live video image at any
time. For snapshots, choose & click the green camera icon at the bottom of the
Presenter software. For video, choose & click the red video camera icon.
You can then review your snapshots by clicking on the Review mode tab on the
left. Your media files will be presented as thumbnail images sorted by date.
Camera Mode Split-Screen ModeReview Mode Full Screen Mode
Snapshot Record Review Mode
Besides the default AF-S (Single) mode where you can set the focus for static
subjects by pressing the Focus button on the camera, there are other methods to
focus your Ziggi-HD Plus:
Continuous: set the Autofocus switch to AF-C. This will change the autofocus
mode from single to continuous, and Ziggi-HD Plus will now continuously attempt
to find focus.
Refocusing: press the Focus button on the camera OR click the four-cornered
“crosshair” icon in the lower right-hand corner of the Presenter software.
Ziggi-HD Plus will find the optimum focus after a few seconds.
Manual focus: drag the focus slider to the desired focus under the “MF” tab in the
Presenter software. The selected focus will lock in place. To return to the
Autofocus mode, uncheck the “MF” box or follow the refocusing steps above.
Free Presenter software features a range of useful image customizations and
functions, including snapshots, video recording, white balance, image rotation and
more. Here are some highlights:
Camera (default): provides a window with the live video image from the camera.
Review: review snapshots and video you have taken.
Full screen: click the top-right arrows to enter full screen mode. Ziggi-HD Plus's
image will take up the entire screen. This is particularly useful for projecting the
image in classroom or conference settings. Click the top-right arrows again to
return to a smaller window.
Splitscreen mode: two doc cams can be connected and presented in splitscreen*
or a single doc cam's video feed can be presented in splitscreen. Functions like
resolution change, rotate and more can be changed independently in each
splitscreen window.
* Please note: High computer performance is required when two doc cams are connected at high
resolutions. If the image freezes or lags in this setup, consider lowering the resolution.
For more details on Presenter, please visit: