Portable VoIP Conference Phone
Lightweight Skype Conference Phone that Travels with You
Ideal for hands-free Skype conversations and small group conferencing
TR-10 can be used in an upright stance as a personal speakerphone, flat on the
desktop for conferencing with up to 4 people.
Built-in handset for private conversations
TR-10 provides additional versatility with its built-in handset. Simply pick up the
device, toggle-switch to handheld mode for private conversations.
One-touch recording function
With the built-in recording software, TR-10 is a high quality voice recorder that
allows you to store Skype meeting notes conversations onto your computer in WAV
file format.
Exceptional voice quality in a compact design
Designed and engineered exclusively for Skype, TR-10 delivers exceptional sound
quality through full duplex technology with 16 bit DSP. The unique "hollow"
mouthpiece design minimizes the annoying “echo” effect commonly associated
with Skype calls.
Key Features
PC and MAC compatible
Quick switch between speakerphone and handset mode
High quality speaker
Voice reception of 1.5m
Excellent voice quality; with echo cancellation
Recording button for instant recording
Free recording software for audio file output
User friendly to Skype commands
Lightweight and ergonomic design
for group conferencingfor hands-free talking for private calls
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Package Content
• IPEVO TR-10 Portable VoIP Conference Phone
• Installation CD (including API driver, E-Manuals, recording
software-freeREC, link to online download of Skype™ software)
• USB Cable
• USB Extension Cord
• Quick Guide
Dimensions / Weight
• Size: 15.1 x 4.2 x 3.7 cm (L x W x H)
• Weight: 140 g
• Grey
• White
Control Buttons
• Skype window launch
Dial / Answer
Cancel / Hang up
• MIC mute
• Volume control
• Record / Pause
• Stop record
• Mode switch
LED Indicators
• Green Active LED to indicate: incoming call, outgoing call, call in
• Red Active LED to indicate: microphone mute
• Green Power LED to indicate: power on/off
• Red Record LED to indicate: record on/off/pause
• Green Switch LED to indicate: speaker / handset mode
Audio Performance
• Voice sampling rate: 8 KHz
• Communication: Full Duplex
• Echo cancellation: up to 60 dB
• Support AGC (auto gain control) function
Electrical Specifications
• Operating Voltage: 4.5 V ~ 5.5 V
• Magnetic Speaker
Coil Resistance: 4 +/- 0.6 Ohm
Sound Pressure Level: 80 dBSPL @ 0.5 m
• Condenser Microphone
Omni directional
Sensitivity: -36 +/- 3 dB
• Receiver
Sensitivity: 90 dBA
Frequency response: 180 ~ 7 Hz
Hardware Description
• USB 2.0 compatible
• Internal omni microphone
• 4Ω 2W speaker
• Power from USB
System Requirements
• Microsoft Windows XP and Vista (32-bit)
• Mac OS X 10.4~10.6
• 400MHz processor
• 128MB RAM
• 40MB free hard disk space
• USB port
• CD-ROM drive
• Broadband Internet connection (DSL, Cable Modem…, etc)
Regulatory Compliance
• CE
• RoHS
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