An Affordable Document Cam
Available at a fraction of the cost of the usually expensive and cumbersome document
cams, the IPEVO Point 2 View (P2V) USB Camera is an affordable and easy-to-use
alternative to make your classroom and presentations more interactive and dynamic.
Simply plug the P2V in to your existing Mac or Windows computer connected to a
projector and use the P2V to display notes, math problems, maps, and share printed
articles and clips without having to spend money on copies.
Versatile Live Image Projector
Featuring a solid weighted base and multi-jointed stand, the P2V brings an extra
dimension to your presentation. In addition to showing printed notes and articles,
the P2V can be used to show 3-dimensional objects at any angle
ideal for subjects
like Science, Geometry, and Art classes.
Get a Lot Closer
With its high-resolution 2.0-megapixel CMOS sensor and full autofocus lens, the P2V
USB Camera delivers great image quality even when projected onto the big screen.
With a Macro focus as close as 1.5" (5cm), you can zoom into the specifi c details you
want to present.
One-Click Image Capture
Coupled with the included snapshot software, snap images from the class and use
the images for study guides and tests, or incorporate into PowerPoint presentations.
Webcasts and Video Chats
The P2V is a USB 2.0 Video Class (UVC) device, which means it is plug-and-play on
Macs and Windows PCs (see System Requirements), and compatible with most video
conferencing and web-casting softwares including Skype, Google Talk, Windows Live
Messenger, iChat, Yahoo! Messenger, and AIM.
Live image projected onto big screen
LCD Projector
Mac or Windows PC
P2V USB Document Cam
Bring Your Curriculum to Life
with IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera
Find out how the Point 2 View can work for you and your students by
visiting Point 2 View’s product page at, or contact a
sales representative by emailing
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP
1.4GHz CPU or higher (2.4GHz recommended)
512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
200MB free hard disk space
USB cable length:
4.9 ft (150cm)
Full autofocus lens
True 2.0-megapixel
CMOS sensor
Up to 2" (5cm)
macro focus
3x digital zoom
Up to 30 fps live video
capture (at 640 x 480)
USB 2.0 Video Class (UVC)
LxWxH: 3.8" x 0.9" x 1.1"
(96mm x 24mm x 30mm)
Hand-held mode