Free Presenter software features a range of useful image customizations and functions, including snapshots, video recording, digital zoom,
image rotation and more. Here are some highlights:
Camera Mode (default)
Provides a window with the live video
image from the camera.
Use menus to adjust view: zoom,
mirror, resolution, etc.
A focus frame at the center guides
you when bringing Point 2 View into
Click on-screen icons to focus and
take snapshots.
Click the top-right arrows to enter
Full Screen mode.
Review Mode
Review snapshots and video you have
Use menus to adjust view (zoom,
rotate) or edit photos (delete, share).
Use thumbnails for quick overview of
your library.
Full Screen
Point 2 View’s image will take up the
entire screen. This is particularly useful
for projecting the image in classroom or
conference settings.
For the latest version of Presenter as well as the full Quick Start Guide for the software, please visit http://support .ipevo.com/presenter .
Click the top-right arrows again to
return to a smaller window.
Click on the screen to hide the icons
and provide an unobstructed image.
Click again to bring the icons back .
Focus/Snapshot icons are available
in this mode also.
Quick Start Guide
Point 2 View
Your Point 2 View product package should contain these items:
• Point2ViewUSBCamera
• Weightedstandwithadjustablearm
• Quick-startguide(thisdocument)
Note: For a complete explanation of Point 2 View’s features, please refer
to the user manual located at the Point 2 View support page at:
Point 2 View requires IPEVO Presenter software to function.
Please download the latest version for PC or Mac at:
Step 1:
Double-click the downloaded file and follow the prompts to
install Presenter.
of Presenter on your computer will be removed or replaced.
Step 2:
Step 3:
Launch the Presenter software. A window containing a live
video image from your Point 2 View should appear. Point 2
View is now ready to use.
2. Installing IPEVO Presenter Software
3. The Software Interface at a Glance
1. Package Contents
Customer Service (International)
Email: service@ipevo.com
Tel: +886-2-5550-8686
4. Taking Snapshots
Customer Service (USA)
Email: cs@ipevo.com
Tel: +1-408-490-3085
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Follow these steps to learn how to bring Point 2 View into focus and take a snapshot.
Attach Point 2 View to the stand and
bend, rotate, or extend the stand
to achieve the best position for an
optimum view. You can also use your
hand to point the camera.
5. Positioning Point 2 View
Overview of controls
Step 1: Bring Point 2 View into focus
Camera mode and the image is in focus. Toggle the AF switch
or press the Focus key to bring Point 2 View into focus, if
Step 2: Take snapshot
Press the Snapshot key. A shutter sound will be generated
and the screen will freeze for a moment, giving you an instant
Step 3: Review the photo
Go to Review mode. Your new photo will appear on the
screen. You can also view previous snapshots using the
thumbnails at the bottom.
(Software – Camera mode)
Snapshot key:
Takes snapshot
Focus key:
View into focus
AF Switch:
Selects Autofocus mode
Continuous (C) or Single (S)
Shows current
AF status
Share with others
Use one of the side connectors on the
head of the stand to position Point 2
View for documents.
Show yourselfShow what you see
...Or hold Point 2 View in your hand.
You can get as close as 2˝ (5cm) away.
Attach Point 2 View to the stand…