Whiteboard System
User Manual
Table of Contents
What’s in the Box 1
The Basics 1
Two Ways to Use It 2
How It Works 3
Get to Know It 4
Installing It 5-11
Step 1: Software & Driver Installation
Step 2: Positioning and Connecting the Sensor Cam
Step 3: Securing the Sensor Cam
Step 4: Connecting to the Computer
Step 5: Readying the Interactive Pen
Step 6: Calibration
Using It 12-13
Using IPEVO Annotator Software 14-15
FAQ 16
Troubleshooting 17
What’s in the Box
The Basics
Congratulations on your purchase of the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System. After a few
simple steps, your system will be calibrated and ready to use.
Your package should contain the following:
The IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard System, or IS-01, turns your large projection screen into
an interactive touchscreen, giving you the ability to easily draw and annotate for education
and business. Plus, because IS-01 is compatible with many different kinds of software, you’ll
also be able to control your computer (and what’s on the screen) at a distance. And this is all
possible no matter what make and model of projector you have.
• IS-01SensorCam
• IS-01InteractivePen
• 2mUSBcable
• CeilingMount
• ReplaceablePenCap
• UserManual(thisdocument)
• 2AAABatteries
Warning: Disassembling the pen tip may damage the Interactive Pen. Please refrain from
loosening or disassembling the pen tip at all times.
Pen Cap
USB Cable
Sensor CamInteractive Pen Ceiling Mount
Do not disassemble
Emits infrared signals on
contact or by pressing the
green button
Reads infrared signals and
sends them to your computer
Use the Interactive Pen as a Computer Cursor
The Interactive Pen can behave like a mouse, transforming any surface into a touchscreen.
Note: The Interactive Pen can perform normal mouse actions including click, double click, and drag.
However, some actions are not executable with the Pen, such as hovering.
Annotate Your Text and Images
can even draw on top of your document camera’s live video feed. Engage your audience
and clarify your material.
IS-01 is made up of two devices: the Sensor Cam and the Interactive Pen. The Sensor Cam
detects the physical location of the Pen and sends this information to your computer, which
then translates the Pen’s motion into cursor motion. Wherever you move the Pen, the computer
will move its cursor in real time. You can also perform mouse clicks and drags with the Pen.
Two Ways to Use It How It Works
Contact Sensitive Tip
Send signals for left, right, and
performs a left click while pressing in
and holding for 2 seconds or longer
performs a right click.
IPEVO button
This is another way to perform mouse
clicks. Press for a left click, or press
and hold for 2 seconds or longer for a
right click.
Battery cover
Open to reveal slots for 2 AAA batteries.
Power switch
Turn the unit on and off.
LED indicator
Lights up when powered
up and connected.
USB Port
Detects signals emitted by
the Interactive Pen.
Adjustment Knob
Change and secure sensor
angle by tightening knob.
1. Software & Driver Installation
IS-01 requires IPEVO IS-01 Driver to function. A free annotation software IPEVO Annotator is
also included in the driver.
Get to Know It Installing It
download the latest version of IS-01 Driver at:
Note: IS-01 can be used with third-party mouse-based annotation software, but we highly recommend using it
with IPEVO Annotator to fully utilize the potential of your IS-01.
After downloading,
1. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the
installation for IS-01 Driver.
2. Follow the onscreen prompts to accept or decline installation of the Annotator software.
3. An “IS-01” icon and an “Annotator” icon will appear on the desktop after the installation is
1. Double-click the downloaded file. A folder named “IPEVO IS-01” will appear.
2. Drag the “IPEVO IS-01” folder into the Application folder to complete the installation.
3. Double-click the “IS-01 Driver” to start it up. The IS-01 icon will appear on the top right of
your status bar.
2. Positioning and Connecting the Sensor Cam
Proper position of the Sensor Cam is important for optimum operation.
Follow these guidelines to place the Sensor Cam:
• Formostprojectors,agoodpositionfortheSensorCamwillbethesamelocationasthe
projector. One exception to this is if you are using a short-throw projector. In that case, you
will need to place the Sensor Cam further away from the screen than the projector.
• Minimaldistancefromyourscreendependsonscreensize.PlacetheSensorCamaccording
to the recommended distances in the chart below:
ScreenSize 50” 60” 80” 100”
5 ft
(155 cm)
5.5 ft
7.5 ft
(230 cm)
9.5 ft
(290 cm)
• TheSensorCamshouldfacedirectlyattheprojectionscreen.Dependingonyour
screen’s height, you will have to adjust the Sensor Cam’s Head to face upward or
downward. Please refer to the steps below:
Loosen Adjust Angle Tighten
Installing It (cont’d)
• TheSensorCamisbestplacedoppositethecenterofthescreenatastraight-onangle.
However, a straight-on angle is not required for acceptable operation, and the
Sensor Cam may be placed at another angle if necessary. Please refer to the diagram
As you can see:
• AccuracyisbetterwhentheSensorCamisclosertothecenter.
• Accuracydecreasesastheangleincreases.
• LargerscreensrequiremoredistancebetweenthescreenandtheSensorCam.
Note: Please keep a clear path between the Sensor Cam and the projection screen to ensure proper operation.
3. Securing the Sensor Cam
Once you’ve found the right position, it’s important to make sure your Sensor Cam is steady
and secure. There are three ways to secure your Sensor Cam, depending on your setup:
A. Placing on the desktop
the screen surface. Adjust the knob to angle the Sensor Cam directly at the center of the screen
Sensor Cam Placement Zone
B. Using an upside-down Ceiling Mount
IS-01 can be mounted upside-down onto the ceiling or ceiling-mounted projector. To do so:
1. TwisttheSensorCambaseontothescrewontheCeilingMountuntiltight.Turnthestar-
shaped knob near the base for additional angle adjustment.
2. Beforeaffixingthemounttotheceiling,holdtheSensorCaminanareajustbelow(by
a few inches) where you intend to mount the projector. Run the Sensor Cam Position
Diagnosis (see Page 11) with the Sensor Cam in this position to ensure maximum accuracy.
Installing It (cont’d)
C. Using a tripod
The Sensor Cam comes with a built-in
tripod mount. Consider mounting the
Sensor Cam onto
any standard tripod.
5. Readying the Interactive Pen
Remove the battery cover from the Interactive Pen and insert 2 AAA batteries. Replace the cover.
Turn on the pen when ready to use.
4. Connecting to the Computer
Once you’ve placed and secured the
Sensor Cam, connect it to your computer
Cam LED indicator will light up once
3. Ensure the mounting surface is clean and free of grit. Remove the sticker from the bottom
Note: The sticker of Ceiling Mount is extremely adhesive and should only be applied once. The Sensor
Cam can be detached without removing the Ceiling Mount. Simply unscrew the Sensor Cam from the
Ceiling Mount.
Installing It (cont’d)
6. Calibration
IS-01 must be calibrated before use to ensure accurate operation. This process only takes a
couple of steps.
For PC, the calibration application will appear the first time the Sensor Cam is connected to the
“IS-01 Driver” to start it up. After that, the IS-01 icon will appear on the top right of your status
bar and you can click on it and run the calibration application from the drop-down menu.
When calibrating, please use the Interactive Pen and follow the instructions on screen (and
reprinted below) to complete the calibration.
Any time after the first time that you wish to calibrate, execute the following file:
Mac: Applicationfolder->IPEVOIS-01->Calibration
Note: The Interactive Pen must have batteries and be switched on for calibration and operation.
Calibration Steps
Step 1: Sensor Cam Coverage Detection
resulting dots appear inside the center white box. If not, please move the Sensor Cam until all
points are contained within the white box. Then, press Space to continue.
IS-01 requires IPEVO IS-01 Driver to function. If you have not previously installed the Driver,
please refer to Page 5 for the downloading and installation instructions.
Step 2: Accuracy Check
With the Pen, tap the center of each red crosshair that appears. Four crosshairs will appear in
Step 3: Calibration Completed
After the process you will be returned to your desktop and your IS-01 will be ready for use.
Sensor Cam Diagnosis
If you find the pen trace dithering or inaccurate after the initial calibration, your Sensor Cam
may need further adjustment. Please run the Sensor Cam Diagnosis and reposition the Sensor
Cam according to the suggestions given.
This diagnostic tool is located in: