IPEVO Annotator
User Guide
Welcome to the User Guide for IPEVO Annotator. In this User Guide, you will learn more about the
different features available for IPEVO Annotator.
For a quick start, we had all the common features of IPEVO Annotator summed up in the following table.
In the pages that follow, you can learn about the features of IPEVO Annotator in more detail.
Settings Changing
Image Capturing
Screen Recording
Screen Shade
Image Reviewing
Mouse / Keyboard
Drawing and
Rounded Corner Arrow Rounded Corner Arrow icon changes the default view of Annotator
Hide Toolbar icon hides Annotator's toolbar
Computer icon changes Annotator to Desktop Mode which hides
the annotation features
Pen icon changes Annotator to Drawing Mode which allows
drawing and annotating
Whiteboard icon allows toggling between your screen and “whiteboards
New! Enables up to four users to work simultaneously
(Only available with the latest version of IPEVO Annotator)
New! Choose a Fountain Pen or Disappearing Ink for more fun
New! Annotator file format available. Allows you to save and to
continue work on uncompleted “whiteboards
Brush Pen icons allow drawing or annotating
Basic Shapes icon lets you draw basic shapes such as rectangles or ovals
New! Compass tool available. Enables you to draw circles of specific radius
New! Ruler and Protractor tools available for measuring lines and angles
Eraser icon allows selective erasing of drawings or annotations
Trash icon clears all drawings and annotations at once
Scissors icon duplicates selected drawings and/or annotations
for use on your screen or "whiteboard"
Undo icon steps one step backward in your annotation changes
Redo icon steps one step forward in your annotation changes
Takes a snapshot of your entire screen
Saves part of your current screen as an image
IPEVO doc cam icon lets you use your connected IPEVO doc cam's live
feed as the background for drawings and annotations
Screen Recording icon can record all onscreen activities
Screen Shade icon allows highlighting of important sections on the
screen while darkening the rest to focus the attention of your audience
Review icon lets you view and manage images captured using Annotator
Keyboard icon brings up a full keyboard to allow the inputting of text
using the Interactive Pen
Mouse icon allows normal control of other applications while your
drawings/annotations still appear on screen
Hide Toolbar
Brush Pen
Basic Shapes
Measurement Tools
Screen Capture
IPEVO doc cam
Select Area
Screen Recording
Screen Shade
Function Groups Icons What They Do